The Roys were at their own premiere last night, and everyone dressed in character. Of course Roman would wear a turtleneck. Of course f-cking Kendall would show up in a leisure suit. He’ll be on the ones and twos at the afterparty too.  (Cele|bitchy)


Rick Ross comparing his buffaloes to people with cats and dogs getting loose in the neighbourhood is… well… kinda apt. It’s the difference in how we exist. What is the maintenance cost of buffalo? Plural? Because I am having dog food issues. I can’t find their brand in stock because of supply chain shortages. Is it the same for buffalo food? (Dlisted) 

Rina Sawayama was the best dressed of the week last week. And she keeps it going this week at the LA premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4 with two unusual fits that are totally perfect for her. This dress of belts is sickeningly good. And it also works well in tandem with her yellow afterparty choice – yes, it’s giving costume… but then again, she’s a rock star in a fantasy movie about the world’s greatest assassin. Whyyyyy would we want to see her in anything else?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Adam Goldberg is revisiting his own 2000s gossip and I totally forgot he was dating all those people which… maybe that’s the point? Did he want us to remember? (Pajiba) 

Wait. What? Someone…or someones… took a sh-t during a Broadway show? And Hillary and Chelsea Clinton were there?! And apparently it’s happened four times? HOWWWWW? What is happening to us?! Help us! Help ourselves!  (The Cut)