Apparently it was super-sweaty in LA yesterday, so everyone who looked amazing on the red carpet deserves double the acclaim for doing so in the sweltering heat. This goes double for the men, because the one way I will say women have a not-insignificant advantage is wearing a gown that’s strapless or backless, regardless of the larger societal implications, is gonna keep you way cooler than a tux, especially because you know some of those dudes are so excited that they go ahead and put on the vest that comes with the suit, and then regret it later. 

Which means that when people look as absolutely stunning as William Jackson Harper does here, well, we ought to be grading on a curve.


His burgundy-brown tux has little tiny dots on it, there’s a… a child reading?...on his lapel, and can we just talk about what a travesty it is that his hair, both facial and head, never get to look this good on The Good Place? Because the show takes great pains to put its characters in ridiculous situations and heinously complicated interactions, usually while the characters are wearing sensible separates from Kmart, you tend to forget that this entire cast is absolutely smoking. Please feast your eyes on Manny Jacinto, who seems to be one of the few men who went for a classic black tux tonight?


There’s rarely a full-cast shot at events like these, which I assume is either because they’re not asked to present together, because how could you possibly explain their show, or because we’d be blind from the beauty. Look at Jameela Jamil in that mint taffeta – words that should not work together, but really, totally do – whose bangs are apparently impervious to moisture. Please take in D’Arcy Carden, who is stunning in this black column (and could be in the ‘Tall Hollywood’ club with Phoebe Waller Bridge and Bill Hader – Gwendoline Christie’s just been voted chapter president). 


Then please look at this dress on Kristen Bell. 


She’s been finding her style stride lately, and I think this might be a personal best – even if I would have loved to see her hair down. It’s Dior, and it’s perfect. I’m a sucker for rainbow dresses and tonight – when The Good Place was nominated, but almost sure not to win – was a perfect opportunity to take it out. It moves, it’s playful but super-photographable, and she got maximum mileage out of it while coaxing an apparently reluctant Don Cheadle to the mic (in a bit that would not have worked if those two didn’t have so much chemistry. I think I miss House of Lies, or else would love to see them team up again!) Full marks. 


I do, however, want to take points off the otherwise delightful Ted Danson for this: 


You don’t get to stack the deck by showing up with a smokeshow like Mary Steenburgen and just letting her carry you through the night, Ted. I mean, fine, he’s extremely handsome and it’s not helping my white-haired-men problem, but even he knows she’s the real draw here, which is technically cheating, Ted. 

In closing, The Good Place is full of beautiful people, which you might not have known from watching the awards tonight. Happy to have helped.