The Batman press tour is underway and the first red carpet was the UK premiere last night in London. Reviews are embargoed but early reaction I’ve seen has been quite positive so far. Well it better be, LOL. The movie is five minutes shy of three hours and if you’re going to make people sit in the theatre for that long, it should be worth it.


As for how the new and millennial Batman, Robert Pattinson, is handling all these years of expectation and anticipation and probable debate and nerd-fighting, here’s what he said on the carpet: 

Here’s how being a chronic liar helps RP – will he really be scrolling Twitter seeing what people say? How would you ever know with this dude? I mean by now most people in his position understand that going on Twitter often hurts more than it helps. But at the same time, I feel like that might be his kink. 


As for his outfit, I do like the turtleneck under the oversized three quarter jacket and pants but I was hoping for a little more eccentricity. He’s gone experimental on carpets before, and since he’s playing Batman for a freak, it would have been fun to see him show some of that through his premiere wardrobe. Or maybe the studio didn’t want to upset the fanboys. Whatever. It’s not like all the fanboys haven’t already bought their tickets. This movie is going to do big business, the only question is HOW big.

That said, even if RP had come with some more imagination with his look, it still would not have made a difference considering … Zoë Kravitz! Girl!

This is Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello and it is exactly how you kick off a press tour when you’re playing Catwoman, holy sh-t. Now here’s a dress that we will remember at the end of this year, at the end of next year, and the year after that. 


As you can see, the dress is designed so that the cut-outs look like the Bat Signal. So good. And the placement of the cuts are provocative in a fresh new way, because while the actual square footage of exposed skin is much less than what we’ve seen before, it’s where the exposure is situated that brings the heat. This is original and sexy and stylish and its greatest achievement is finding that elusive sliver of space between tasteful and scandalous, one of the highest degrees of fashion difficulty.