After the Golden Globes, Beyoncé posted a martini photo (scroll through the photo album to see it). Some of her fans were speculating that it could be a hint about the latest Bond movie. They would be wrong – Billie Eillish will be performing the new theme song. Billie is 18, I wonder if she’s ever seen a Bond movie? I don’t remember ever watching one as a teenager, but maybe Daniel Craig is more palatable to young people? As for Beyoncé’s next project (beyond Ivy Park x Adidas), we don’t know. No one knows. Guessing is pointless. 


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There’s been a lot of speculation about which celebrities are advising Harry and Meghan (like Oprah and the Obamas), and obviously a lot of it is bullsh-t. But I did read a piece comparing the new Sussexes to the Beckhams, which kind of made me giggle because David has been pining for a knighthood for a very long time.

If you look at the Beckham portfoilio today (sports team, luxury clothing line, his/her cosmetic lines, a strong charitable relationship with UNICEF, a home base in the UK with ties to Miami and LA), it is pretty exclusive. The most important step is controlling their brand by not being faces-for-hire; instead, they have their own labels and develop long-lasting partnerships. The Sussexes are not the Beckhams, but their strategy could be similar.


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I won’t spoil You season 2 for those who haven’t seen it yet, but season 3 has been announced. Season 2 veered from the second book, Hidden Bodies, in more ways than season one did, and now they are moving forward without source material. But they set the season finale up so perfectly for a sequel, didn’t they? And it’s so well cast, too. Dan Humphries walked so Joe Goldberg could run. 


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This tweet has me wondering who Meek Mill would negotiate with, if necessary. And the word “thots”: is it my imagination, or has usage died out? 

“Instagram vs. Reality” – both videos are nearly the same! One is in a dressing room and one is on stage. Lea Michele is trying to kill me with her Instagram.


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Both Lizzo and the Jonas brothers have joined TikTok, it’s fully permeated by grownups now. (That happened when Ellen joined, I guess.) So where are the kids now? They are somewhere else, we just don’t know it yet. My kids won’t tell me. 


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Ira Madison III’s comment is just… hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha.



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