Adele has postponed the debut of her Vegas residency because of a Covid outbreak with crew. She isn’t ready. She wants to give her audience the perfect show. But… part of the reason Vegas makes such a great residency spot is that people will travel there to see you. So fans who are out for the tickets can’t just show up another night on a whim. This is vacation days, airline tickets, hotel, and for some international travelers, a Covid test. Rescheduling isn’t just moving a date. That said, this is obviously devastating to her. It’s a sh-tty situation. 

Netflix released a first look of Sofia Vergara as the “cocaine godmother” Griselda Blanco. There’s been a few attempts at telling this story, some hokey (like Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Lifetime movie) and some that stalled (like the one JLo is attached to) but it looks like Netflix will get there.

Jack Quaid is getting a little more famous everyday and we are getting closer and closer to the “my parents didn’t help with my career at all!” profile. He has said his parents understood his career choice but he’s doing it on his own. Yes, yes of course… just like Dakota Johnson, Maude Apatow, Maya Hawke and Margaret Qualley. Growing up with parents who are immersed in one of the most competitive and insular businesses in the world did not have any effect on their careers, how dare anyone suggest otherwise.

This all-black Celine suit is such a stylish look on Julianne Moore. Looking through her feed, she goes for an all-black look a lot and while that could be boring on someone else, on her it never is. The tailoring is impeccable. 

I wonder if SMG read the Joss Whedon profile. 

This morning, Lainey wrote about Matt Damon and crypto. (Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon have both been promoting it as well, both positioning it as “feminist” to get into this kind thing.) Ben McKenzie is not impressed and has been very vocal about it. It’s too bad Matt, Gwyneth and Reese are so insulated they will never see the criticism.  

Wishing for a divorced celebrity couple to reunite used to be a fool’s errand but Bennifer 2.0 has changed all that. Miracles happen. So why not Lenny and Lisa? It’s been so many years but tell me it doesn’t make total sense. Just look at them!