If you think you’ve read everything you can about Law Roach’s abrupt retirement, I’d encourage one more piece: Mel Ottenberg (Editor-in-chief of Interview Magazine and former stylist) interviewed Roach and it takes on a different tone because they both know the industry so there is a shorthand to the way they speak. 


Ottenberg has worked extensively with Rihanna, so he knows what it’s like to work with a one-name wonder. They talk about it all – money, feeling discarded by their celebrity clients, Rachel Zoe and severe burnout. 


Another big baby announcement as Naomi Campbell is now a mother of two. Again, she shared the news on social media with little information, just a photo and no name. But she did tag the stylist for the shoot. Iconic behaviour, we expect nothing less. 


We are so used to Nicole Richie being low-key that I forgot how funny she is when she turns it on. 

Yesterday, I linked to The Cut’s story on messy divorces and leading the way are Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner. They are fighting about money and that all expenses need to be allocated and squabbled over, and that’s where we are at now. She says she wants to maintain her lifestyle, he says she spends over $100k a month for plastic surgery. When you deal with these kinds of numbers (her side says $6.6 million a year in spending), everyone looks like a greedy shitbird. It seems like he’s trying to walk away leaving her with the $1.4 million from their prenup (an unrealistic number after so many years of marriage), and she’s trying to skirt around alimony with child support. They both look petty and terrible and really, really need a voice of reason before they make themselves look even worse. (Laura Wasser is reportedly representing Kevin.)


On the heels of Ryan Seacrest being announced as the new host of Wheel of Fortune, reports about Vanna White not receiving a raise for 18 years (!!!!!) are coming out. She got yearly bonuses, but not raises. I imagine there’s a conversation happening now about starting fresh with a whole new team or keeping Vanna on for consistency and audience comfort. Because it’s TV they also have to consider the optics of it: just because Pat retired doesn’t mean Vanna has to. On the flip side, chemistry is a big part of hosting so what if she and Ryan don’t vibe?

You know those underwater scooters they rent in tropical tourist spots? Like you wear a big helmet and ride around under water? Ya, not doing that. 


After a very scary medical incident and several days in the ICU, Madonna is back home This is great news. Her boys stopped in for a visit and hopefully she is resting, as much as Madonna can rest. Bacterial infections are super scary. She is definitely getting excellent care (as everyone should when they are sick), and her team has been handling it well. She went into the hospital on Saturday night and the info wasn’t released until well into this week. No leaks to TMZ. That’s a solid team.