Like her mom, Kate Hudson is known to throw a great party (her Halloween bashes are a highlight every year). If I had to choose one celebrity birthday to attend, I think it would be hers. The guest list would be amazing and she would have lots of drinks and snacks, plus good music.  


This woman is “crying” over WAP and she should be crying about her home décor.  

Speaking of parties, Leonardo DiCaprio has not been able to hit the club, go to Vegas, dance at Coachella etc. for a year. Now I’m not here to knock him for that – so many celebrities are traveling (like going to Australia, Mexico, Europe) and if he stayed his ass at home then good for him. But how much do you think he misses 1Oak? Did he ever have the chance to take Camila to his favourite booth?


Gabrielle Union celebrates Queen Latifah with an excellent photo of them both (see? It can be done!). Queen Latifah, at 51, has worked so much as an actress and producer in nearly every genre (rom-com, holiday rom-com, road trip comedy, drama, musical, horror, reality TV, one-hour series, talk show) on top of being a musician. There is no one who has a career quite like hers and yet I don’t think I’ve ever read a deep-dive profile on her. If you have, send it to me.  


If it was any other A-lister who was a few days out of “slowing down” an engagement, would they be posting on Instagram like this? No one can stop her from working. And it goes without saying that she looks really, really beautiful. Is that her secret? Is dwelling on sh-t bad for the skin? Can she bottle this?

How did the third (or is it fourth now? I’m not keeping track) best Joker get credit for this line when George Costanza said it on Seinfeld years ago?    


It’s kind of funny that the Kardashians are getting so much coverage for “saying goodbye” to their show. Trust me, they aren’t going anywhere if they can help it. This is like throwing a going away party for a roommate who is moving down the hall.