This came up in my feed and I’ve had Two Princes in my head for three days. Now you do, too. 

Solange’s Garage Magazine cover is spectacular, which is kind of a given when it’s Solange. (Beyoncé covered Garage in 2016, and that was one of her rare “interviews,” although it was a collection of quotes.) 


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Gina Rodriguez is back on Instagram, but the comments are still turned off. 


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Did wizards need a skincare regimen, or is there an anti-aging potion?


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Brandon Lee should be more famous and Brody Jenner should be less famous and that is why The Hills reboot didn’t work (even though it is getting a second season).


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Jenny Mollen is an essayist and bestselling author of books like Live Fast Die Hot.

When you give years of your life in personal essays (her most infamous story is about hiring a prostitute for her husband, Jason Biggs), it’s normal to have regrets. She now feels bad about the way she used to write about Jason’s ex -girlfriend. She posted an apology essay to that woman, which she positions as “taking the high road.” But if you read the story, she was face-to-face with this woman, who did not want to interact with her. Is writing an apology email, and then using it in your article, an effective way to apologize to someone who wants nothing to do with you? Who is the apology serving? It’s an interesting conundrum. 


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There are so many beauty tutorials, from influencers to celebrities who have product lines, but this 10-minute video with Tracee Ellis Ross is much more compelling than most. Instead of a full face, she chose a bold lip with no foundation, concealer, or eye shadow. She also talks about doing her own hair and makeup, learning from her mom (who also often did her own hair and makeup) about the independence and freedom of being able to, in her own bathroom without extra hands, do exactly what she wants to her face. The full video is here


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