Scarlett Johansson appeared on the Goop podcast and Gwyneth always shows up to interview celebrity guests (even though, to be frank, she’s not the best host when it comes to follow up questions). (This is all tied into Scarlett’s product line The Outset being sold at Goop.) 


The big headline is that Ryan Reynolds came up and Scarlett called him a “good guy.” You have to dig deep into the gossip archives to even remember these two were married. It is barely a pop culture blip on the radar, considering what massive movie stars they both are now. And I say both because at the time they were married, Ryan’s career was sinking and he was turning out flop after flop and Scarlett was flying. There was a time when his career prospects were pretty slim. 


Natasha Rothwell’s Belinda is heading back to The White Lotus for season three and from a storytelling perspective, this makes so much sense. She works for the hotel so she can move from location to location. Does her character know what happened in Italy? I would imagine that would have been a company-wide memo. It’s an excellent choice by Mike White because her character still feels like she had a lot of story left. As much as I enjoyed all of the people from season two, their storylines were wrapped up nicely. 


Two leaks from the group formerly known as the Fab Four have come out about the walkabout after the Queen’s death: a veteran royal correspondent leaked that for Kate, it was one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do (paraphrasing on my part) and now a source has gone to PEOPLE to say Meghan Markle found it “very difficult.” I think this calls for a “people are dying Kim” bit of realism but also? I think both of these women are tougher than the media makes them out to be and probably more pragmatic, too. It’s funny (not in a haha way) that two women get the blame for a family line whose whole thing is sibling rivalry.


Is Billy Eichner a Disney adult?! Does he go on the forums to talk about Genie Pass versus Fast Pass benefits? I love this. 


Hailey Bieber has been going through it on Instagram and it’s frustrating to watch because I’m beyond sick of fandoms acting like they are doing a public service posting thousands of truly nasty and vile comments about her on every post. The amount they read into her (and Justin) is sick. (The latest? A fixation on her white tank top.) And while the knee jerk to reaction is to blame “kids” for this behaviour, these are not kids. These are adults! Some of them have fully developed frontal lobes! I can understand why some celebrities become reclusive. And for the “well she should get off Instagram” comments, let’s think about this: she’s a 26-year-old model/influencer whose skin care business relies on marketing – telling someone to quit their entire career is not a solution. 

Hailey Bieber's Instagram story
Hailey Bieber's Instagram story