US Weekly had this headline this morning: “Dane Cook, 50, is engaged to Kelsi Taylor, 23, after 5 years of dating.” Don’t think my colour commentary is needed on that math.


Kevin Hart is launching a plant-based line of food, which is a growing market because even people who aren’t vegan or vegetarian sometimes want the option. Not sure about his claim that this is the “1st fast food plant based option” as there are plenty of plant-based burgers at fast food outlets– my personal favourite is the A&W Beyond Meat burger. Right now, Hart House is a food truck and there’s an LA restaurant to come. How far off do you think he is from billionaire status? It’s in his sights, for sure. (The deluxe hot n’ spicy chick’n sandwich looks delicious.)


Taylor Swift’s representative got huffy about the private plane talk (it came out that Taylor’s private jet takes near daily flights), telling Rolling Stone it is “loaned out regularly to other individuals.” So it’s her plane, but she’s not responsible for the environmental damage it causes because she lets her friends and family use it? That’s an interesting defense. Her long-time PR person Tree Paine doesn’t often miss but this is a miss. Not that it matters to diehard Swifties, who are fighting for her honour in the comments. 

There’s another fiery discourse on Twitter and this one is over tomato sandwiches. What makes a tomato sandwich? I have no idea because I don’t eat tomatoes but the debate is heated: toasted bread or soft? Mayo or dry bread? Lots of salt or just a sprinkle? Then you add in bacon and lettuce and it’s chaos. Food Twitter is fighting. (Lainey: can we go back to the part where you don’t eat tomatoes!?)


Variety’s Kate Aurthur broke the story about a petition signed by 594 male showrunners  “demanding that specific safety protocols be put in place for pregnant employees in states where abortion has been outlawed, or soon will be.” This follows the letter 400 female creators and showrunners sent last week. Most showrunners, unless it’s a megastar like Shonda Rhimes, aren’t household names. The point of course is that the people at the top – men and women – are offering public support reproductive rights. In looking at the list, it’s hard not to notice that a very popular and prolific showrunner’s name is missing. I won’t keep you in suspense: I’m talking about Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone, 1883, Mayor Kingstown). Not that this will affect his reputation or base. Yellowstone is widely watched, it’s the Nickelback of cable TV— extremely popular and a little embarrassing to be caught enjoying.


The Wagatha Christie trial wrapped up last week and it was a crushing, embarrassing blow for Rebekah Vardy as she is the one who brought the cast to the courts. She’s already done a teary TV interview, insisting she didn’t do it but honestly, leaking stories to the press is kind of a British tradition. Even the royal family does it!