Justin Bieber is talking about his reasons for cutting his Purpose World Tour short. As Lainey has said before, Justin may not necessarily be built for touring. That’s not saying he can’t perform live, but touring is a different beast. I recently rewatched Britney and Kevin: Chaotic for a story I’m writing, and Britney had trouble during the Onyx Hotel Tour. She was lonely and isolated, which created a neediness vacuum that KFed filled simply by being available to her. Justin has a lot of blank spaces in his life too – especially as it pertains to his parents. And now he’s attached to “rock star” pastor Carl Lentz. But Carl isn’t the only one Justin hangs with – he is also tight with Judah Smith (Russell Wilson’s pastor), Zoe Church’s Chad Veach and Rich Wilkerson Jr. (who married Kanye and Kim). Can I nickname this entourage The Apostles or is that blasphemy? I went to catechism for 7 years but didn’t retain much.


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Selena covers InStyle’s September issue, while The Weeknd is doing Harper’s BAZAAR. Fashion face off!





Have you watched Ozark yet? I’m really enjoying it. Yes, it’s similar to Breaking Bad, but different because Ozark isn’t centered on secrets. Laura Linney is not relegated to the “clueless wife” role. How could she be? She’s Laura Linney! Julia Garner, who plays Ruth, is getting stronger with each episode. She could be the Jesse Pinkman of this series.





First off, it’s August so a Dirty Dancing viewing is a must. Second, the Jennifer clothing line is kind of cool, right? I think I want a hoodie.



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Kaley Cuoco is a skilled equestrian and devoted horse owner – in the spring, she rescued a dwarf mini horse called Shmooshy, which is exactly the right name for her. I’ll be off for a week because I’m going to a ranch with my family, where there will be horseback riding and pony rides. When I told our site manager Emily that I have never ridden a horse she was surprised – is this surprising? I’ve fed a horse a carrot, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Have I been missing out – is everyone running off to stables every weekend to saddle up? I’m so pedestrian.