Over the weekend I watched Kevin Hart’s stand-up special, No F*cks Given. My only observation is that Kevin Hart gives so many f-cks, which is not a bad thing. The jokes, for me, were not memorable, but some of his ideas and observations were interesting, particularly how celebrity has evolved and what was once a pedestal is now a glass cage. The idea of fame as an aspiration has taken a hit, first by the “film everything” culture we live in and second by the pandemic, which calcified how badly the celebrities need an audience to perform for, especially over social media. If you aren’t interested in watching the special, I’d highly recommend this insightful Vulture review by Kathryn VanArendonk, which touches on Kevin’s intense neediness and insecurity, alongside his arrogance and success. And I do hope his ex-wife Torrei gets that Tesla truck. 


Time is a very tricky concept right now – it’s fast, it’s slow, days drag, and weeks fly by. One thing I think we can all agree on is this: how have Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra only been married for two years?! It feels like ten, at least. 

A couple of weeks back I wrote that I was calling it on Nina Dobrev and Shaun White, but I was wrong! They spent US Thanksgiving together with his family and they didn’t announce it, but they also didn’t hide it (she’s in the third photo of this album). 


Elf on the Shelf is trending in Canada – are you into this nonsense? I put mine in quarantine for two weeks. I’m no Busy Philipps. 

Not sure if this is a unique 2020 phenomena, but my social media activity tells me that many of you are horny for… the Grinch? One woman in particular, who asked for advice on Reddit, really has an itch to scratch. Is there Grinch porn? Here’s an investigation on that. It’s the holidays, so I hope that Reddit writer gets her wish for the furry green D and it’s not just his heart growing three sizes. Hallmark isn’t ready for this kind of heartwarming tale.