I’m posting this clip of Oprah talking about Stedman to give Jacek ideas. He once installed a butt brush for Lainey (details are on the The Squawk) which, to Jacek’s credit, is romantic in its own way. But the cards from the dogs is “awwwwww” kind of romantic. 


I’m never going to beat Lainey to new episodes of TNT and I accept it but a little on Travis, who is used to performing in high pressure situations. Does the Super Bowl come close to the pressure of Taylor Swift’s birthday?! She is big on sentimental gifts so that would definitely be the route to take, not something expensive or flashy. There is nothing you can buy Taylor Swift. I have faith in Trav. 


OK I had no idea Zooey Deschanel owned a veggie tower company with her ex-husband. (Is veggie tower the right word? You know what I mean, it’s the hydroponic systems that grow lettuce and herbs in small batches.) They co-parent and have continued the business together, which is great. Friendly exes and um, Zooey has a type right? He looks like her Property Brother. 


On WWHL, Julia Roberts said out of all her films, My Best Friend’s Wedding is most suited to a sequel. I totally agree and now Dermot Mulroney is down with the idea too. Kimmy and Michael are definitely divorced, right? At the very least on the rocks. She was in college and he was a stubborn goat. (Kimmy should definitely be the CEO of some kind of wellness company.) The sequel could go two ways: Julia showing up to save the day (and their marriage) or Julia showing up to finish the job. 


Victoria Beckham holds her own with the supers. 


The Talented Mr. Ripley is 25. It is such a f-cking fantastic movie – the clothes, the cinematography and of course the youthful movie stardom. In a category of his own as a supporting character is Phillip Seymour Hoffman, dripping with money and condescension. (The way he played this character always makes me think of Bunny from The Secret History!) The story was so layered in classism, particularly the way the rich kids knew Tom was not one of them but they played along and let him follow them around like a stray pet. It’s like they were speaking a language Tom didn’t understand.


In early November I mentioned that Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre had made up and wondered if they would be working together, if only because their business ventures were very successful. Charlie will be on Chuck’s new show called Bookie and Charlie calls it a “miracle.” Charlie is self-aware and a very good storyteller so he knows how to bring this story to people (and PEOPLE). He’s in the trailer and Bookie is giving Entourage: Sports Betting.