Armie Hammer and Justin Theroux ran around Washington, DC for the day, then attended a screening of On the Basis of Sex in New York City. Both fangirled over Ruth Bader Ginsburg, which is understandable. But I find the bromance interesting because Armie is so LA - a born-and-bred California movie star. It’s just so against Justin’s New York artist sensibilities.


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Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn definitely took these costumes home when “The Christmas Chronicles” wrapped. They still get used once in a while, if you know what I mean.


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This is a very polished outfit on Jenna Dewan, but is she going to be standing the entire time? I feel like the material would get very wrinkly the second she sits down and because the pants are high-waisted, it would be super noticeable. Overall, Jenna has really upped her style game with Brad Goreski – you can see how it’s become part of her overall strategy (just don’t tell Blake Lively, she might get indignant). 


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The celebrity profile lives; this time it’s Ellen DeGeneres in The New York Times. I read it last night and my takeaway (there could be many) is that she’s incredibly grateful, but also unchallenged. Ellen goes for feel-good over funny on her show because she chooses to give the audience what they want. Ellen has kind of danced herself into a very financially lucrative corner.


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This picture with Gigi Hadid and a horse prompted me to look into horse superstitions. There are so many! Green is unlucky for equestrians, as is renaming a horse. A horse neighing outside your house is bad luck, which I think would be kind of difficult to avoid if had a horse on your property? I don’t know how many horses Gigi owns, but Zayn did mention one in particular named Cool in his GQ interview. Is this Cool?


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Way back in the spring, Tommy Lee and his son Brandon had a domestic incident. Apparently all is good now, just in time for the holidays. Hallmark should make a movie out of this, instead of the usual “super busy city type who has no time for love heads to a small town for the holidays and discovers the true meaning of Christmas” (a chaste kiss under the mistletoe with a local dog walker/baker/kindergarten teacher). 


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Cher is putting her life story down on paper, with a biopic to come. Who do you think will play Cher?