Hilary Duff announced her pregnancy via Christmas card, which takes a bit of planning. 


Ciara went from the red carpet into labour and um, look at these chubby cheeks!!!!! Amora is sooooo cute. 


"Peaches" absolutely slaps. It is one of the best songs to come out of a movie soundtrack in years. I just had no idea Jack Black knew the Jonas Brothers like that. 


January Jones gave her annual skin rundown and yes, she invests in products. I have tried some of what she has here and it is with a heavy heart that I co-sign Lotion P50 because it’s expensive and not the easiest to find. 


Oprah Winfrey has confirmed that she uses weight loss medication and there’s going to be so much debate around this. It is very honest of her (she really doesn’t owe anyone her medical details) and she talks about the shame and stigma she has faced. I think what some people question is if by adhering to the thinness standard, Oprah is perpetuating the toxic cycle that being skinny is the baseline form which all women must operate. But Oprah is a real person, not a symbolic figure. She has her own needs and wants and yes, she is influential. But does that mean she has to give up her autonomy?


Nick Kroll as George Santos on Cameo. And is the Ziwe interview really happening??!!