Hailey Bieber posted a gift guide in her stories and included a pair of Guest in Residence pants. Gigi Hadid and Hailey have been friendly (they were photographed grabbing dinner this summer with Kendall Jenner) and considering how close Taylor is with Gigi, it kicked up a fuss online with Swifties. 


Taylor and Justin have bad blood on two fronts (Selena Gomez and Scooter Braun) but there’s been a shift with Scooter and Justin (but no shift with Justin and Selena). Also, Hailey isn’t her husband. On top of the public facing relationships there’s all the real life stuff we don’t see, all of the micro shifts and slights and group chats that happen between friends, acquaintances and coworkers. The Hadids are the connecting thread between many different groups and I feel like they would have good social training for this – their mom was literally a Real Housewife! When Yolanda was on her game, she was great. 

It’s the season of Love Actually and this guy


A little embarrassed to admit I have never seen Mad Men because it was one of those shows that I just missed and then felt too behind on to start. Maybe the week between Christmas and New Year is the time. 


I am not a group chat starter but I am also not a group chat leaver. I don’t quit, no matter how annoying or off-topic the group chat gets. I am water, I go with the flow. Jack Quaid started an Oppenhomies group chat and Kenneth Branagh is not in it – maybe the roaming charges were too steep. 


The Daily Mail is reporting that Ariana Grande is working on new music (which she has posted on Instagram) and is still in a contract with Scooter Braun, despite the split. Because of his reputation, fans and gossips are jumping all over this but if we take a step back, I think this is more of a legal issue than a moral one. When Ariana signed with Scooter, she would have had access to the best contract lawyers. She wasn’t a 15-year-old kid or newbie, she was years into her career. And it was her second go-round with him. DM also states that negotiations are happening and I’d love an entertainment lawyer to explain the ins and outs and the clauses around termination. From the sounds of it, she wants out but he also didn’t seem too keen on continuing to work with her either. Around the time the SpongeBob Side Piece story broke, she allegedly summoned him to New York to help and he was reportedly peeved he had to leave a vacation early. If that is true, she probably needs a kind of day-to-day managerial support he can’t provide her anymore.