Julia Roberts went on Watch What Happens Live to play. She took on some controversial topics, like the wig she wore in Mother’s Day.


I was fully expecting Lainey to beat me to Selena Gomez and she did. Not to sound to conspiratorial could Selena’s defensiveness be tied to the Taylor Swift and DeuxMoi drama? DM theorized that the Page Six story that alleged Selena is wary of TNT was a distraction tactic. That would be highly calculated and not at all in line with the ride-or-die narrative and definitely not in line with the “kindness” narrative. I’m not saying DM is correct but I will also say that behind the scenes, DM is not the only one who has these questions about Selena. This is not coming out of nowhere. 

 DeuxMoi Instagram stories
 DeuxMoi Instagramstories

Bows are everywhere this year and I’m not surprised at all that Sarah Jessica Parker has added a bow to her collection. She is a bow person.


Ashton Kutcher has re-emerged on social media. I scrolled through the comments and there’s little to nothing on Danny Masterson but there is a lot on Israel-Palestine. This is not unique to Ashton – most celebrity comment sections are filled with comments on what's happening in Gaza.


Kevin Costner and Jewel?! After a very messy divorce from his wife (and professional divorce from Taylor Sheridan), Kevin is back out there. I’m into the movie star/musician pairing. Neil Young and Darryl Hannah. Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford. 


After a hard launch with Joshua Jackson, Lupita Nyong’o showed up to support The Color Purple. She looks amazing but that’s not because of him. She just always looks really damn good. Also, and I know everyone smiles in photographs, it genuinely seems like every single person she comes across is so happy to see her. (Flip to the last slide to see her with Niecy Nash.)


Of course Hugh Grant “hated” filming Wonka and hates promoting Wonka. That’s his schtick. He’s a crusty old fart. (And “old” has nothing to do with his numerical age – it’s a vibe.) This man has never enjoyed anything in his life, except for maybe throwing baked beans at a photographer. He is curmudgeon and proud of it!