Sienna Miller rarely uses Instagram and is a recovering tabloid fixture. (Her life used to be so gossipy!) She’s still a fashion show fixture and sat front row at Proenza Schouler with her daughter Marlowe, who was sandwiched between her mom and Anna Wintour. What does a 10-year-old chat about with Anna Wintour? Anna strikes me as someone who asks about their studies.


There’s a lot of chatter about Penn Badgley’s comments about sex scenes and whether actors declining sex scenes is healthy consent or part of a rising anti-sex attitude. He specifically used the word “fidelity” and invoked his marriage but sex scenes are part of the work; it requires blocking and other technical aspects that can be facilitated by intimacy coordinators. Penn will probably talk more about it so I’m going back to You: I did not enjoy the first half of the season four. Joe has no purpose and it’s not compelling watching a stalker flop around. The motivations are thin. The larger cast has no chemistry. The ideas of classism and wealth are ham-fisted and we’ve seen so many shows cover the cruelty so well (like The Crown and Succession) that the “old money” on You looks silly and cheap. 


Rihanna wasn’t the only baby reveal on Super Bowl Sunday as Blake Lively did a reverse-bump reveal. No bump, which means she’s had a baby. 


Is Stacy even in the age range?

TV ages in a weird way as humour is influenced by culture and when the humour is topical, it almost never ages well. Parks and Rec is one of those shows that I enjoyed at the time and now find unbearable. Maybe it’s because of the direction US politics has gone in since then or the earnestness of Leslie Knope (which feels very “all sides” in 2023). 


What’s your favourite Catherine Zeta-Jones excuse for making a typo? From this list I’d choose “lacking my gluten-free cereal.” But the dog one is most pressing. 

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