I think we can all agree that April Fool’s Day jokes are extremely lame, but what if we added a dash of Jennifer Garner’s social media charm and some slight Ben Affleck shade? We all remember “bless your heart” from Jennifer’s Vanity Fair profile – and she knows we remember. Most outlets are guessing this is a prank, although I would absolutely read it, especially the chapter titled, “Am I the ashes in this scenario?” 


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Jemima Kirke’s reason for joining Instagram is solid. No one is sending you free clothes for Twitter.


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Stories of child stars managed by their parents are usually cautionary tales – and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s story (via THR) is definitely one we’ve heard before. Years and years of work left him with little to show for it and he paid a parent to essentially chaperone him for years, leading to a strained relationship. He fired his mom at 19, but he notes that his other Saved By the Bell cast didn’t have the top managers/agents either (which makes sense – they were on a Saturday morning TV show) so the syndication and merchandise deals are paltry. 


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Do you know how many wonky headpieces this man has worn over the years? And yet now that he’s embraced his baldness he forgets to cover up. Wear a hat, John Travolta!


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Pink and her husband are always fighting with people on Instagram. 


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This spring has been a super busy launch period for celebrity products. In the last week or so there’s been Kate Hudson’s clothing line (with details TBA), The Rock’s tequila (which he has been talking about forever), and a little more under the radar, Drew Barrymore’s home furnishing line. It’s called Flower by Drew Barrymore (in keeping with her makeup line) but House of Drew would be perfect, wouldn’t it? (But that’s taken by Justin Bieber’s clothing line.) There’s so many celebrities selling so many products that there’s been a marked drop in how much excitement and coverage these launches generate; it’s simply too much to keep track of. Celebs need their own QVC.


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