Chrissy Teigen was named to the TIME 100 list (written by Eric Ripert). I really like Chrissy’s recipes and her approach to cooking because it doesn’t focus on wellness, but on sharing a meal. Every celebrity cookbook is selling more than food; it’s a lifestyle with homey designer kitchens and colourful cast iron pots. There’s a new book, co-written by sociologist Sinikka Elliott, called Pressure Cooker: Why Home Cooking Won’t Solve Our Problems and What We Can Do About It, that explores how the morality around food and family can become a burden, particularly to women. Are all of the celebrity cookbooks (by women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Seinfeld, Ayesha Curry) that purport to simplify dinner and “help us” actually perpetuating a stressful and impossible ideal? Or can we never have enough chicken recipes?

If a peep-toe platform heel was developed into a TV show, it would be Selling Sunset. There’s something hypnotic about the glossy nihilism of the LA real estate market; the show shouldn’t be addictive, but it is. The breakout star is Chrishell Hartley (she’s married to Justin Hartley from This Is Us) and she has a new Lifetime movie coming up, Staged Killer. It looks like it was shot on a GoPro. The most tension-building moment is a resume being printed… ominously. But with Lori Loughlin dealing with the Feds, there’s a big opportunity for a new face in that market – one Chrishell could corner. In fact, she could play Lori Loughlin in the inevitable movie about the whole debacle. 


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Jane the Virgin was on last night and what is this show doing to us?!!! How much time can I lurk in the reddit comments for plausible predictions (it turns out: a lot). 


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I love taco trucks – do you think Michael Douglas likes them, or is this more of a gesture for the crew? He and Catherine Zeta-Jones strike me more as the “chopped salad on Versace plates” kind of eaters. 


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Who is Halle Berry thirst trapping? Let’s pretend it’s Keanu. 


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Flip to the third photo to see Adam Driver and Glenn Close find their light.


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