Demi Lovato took to her Instagram stories to complain about a froyo shop perpetuating diet culture with its snack options. Demi is no stranger to social media skirmishes and honestly? This is not her best work. This relatively small shop had about 5k followers and she has the Lovatics. She said she was triggered by the snacks, which is absolutely her experience, no one can argue that. But the question is whose job is it to manage her triggers. 


When the froyo shop tried to explain its position (that it stocks vegan, sugar-free and celiac options) she doubled down and said the service was bad and an “awful experience” for her. This is where she lost me because if there’s one thing the pandi has taught us, it’s that the customer is not always right. Service people do not owe anyone anything but basic service right now. When people are exposed to so  much risk at work, on top of just general exhaustion that comes with customer service, expecting anything more than bare bones effort at a froyo shop is asshole-ish. Putting a small business on blast to your 102 million followers is not the look. Putting a cashier making minimum wage on blast is gross, even if they were rude. Go back to your mansion and let it go. 

Demi Lovato calls out froyo shop on Instagram stories
Demi Lovato calls out froyo shop on Instagram stories

Every year I post David Beckham’s birthday tribute to his wife, Victoria Beckham and I’m still on my bullsh-t. They are in Miami and celebrating. All good. 


Britney Spears often does a Q&A on Instagram and answers random questions like “what’s your favourite colour” or “what’s your favourite ice cream flavour,” things that are not pressing. In this one, she answers the big question: is she OK? She says yes, she is. She is happy and taking a break. For some this is a relief and for others, another reason to worry.

Suri Cruise is 15 (what!!??) and Katie Holmes has done an amazing job of lessening our interest in her. This is a child who made her public debut on Vanity Fair and now, she is rarely ever talked about in pop culture. I think this is something that Katie has purposely cultivated, which is wonderful for her. Katie Holmes gives the most boring interviews and I’ve always thought it was by design. It seems to be paying off in her private life.


Miranda Lambert thanked her husband Brendon for standing by her side but literally what else is he supposed to do, he’s her head security guard. 

Chloe Bailey ate this shit up. Like whew. Abel commented, but has he slid into her DMs yet?

In Very British News, Liam Payne painted a portrait of Prince Philip. 


For the “the truth is out there” shippers. 

Me reading about Canada’s vaccine rollout.