I didn’t read through the comments but since he asked, he looks like a grown-up Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin from Stranger Things). 


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Kim Cattrall is all of us when there’s a “notice of delivery” on the door. 

Tom Brady joined Twitter with a joke about retirement. I looked through who he is following – 100 accounts – and there’s only one woman on the list: Lindsey Vonn. I don’t say this because I think there’s anything gossipy about it - the connection is their work with Under Armour. It’s just interesting the other 99 choices are brands and men. He hasn’t even followed his co-parent Bridget or his wife, Gisele (yet). 

In even more exciting news, Patti LuPone has joined Twitter! She is not accepting notes from anyone, including Twitter. 

Madonna posted 9 photos, making up an X, on Instagram. X makes me think of 10, and what has it been 10 years since? My quick research tells me that in 2009 she released her third compilation album, Celebration. She’s been hinting at new music for a while, though – maybe remixed classics? What will be interesting is how she approaches the rollout. Will it be traditionally, with press and interviews? Or will she try the method many contemporary pop stars use (perfected by Beyoncé) – the surprise drop, the surprise video. Madonna is 60 and since American Life (which was released in 2003) most of the mainstream coverage of her music is almost gleefully dismissive, that she’s not “relevant” anymore because she’s not doing numbers like Taylor Swift or Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus. It’s interesting because over-60 men like Elton John, Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Steven Tyler still work and tour and aren’t saddled with the expectation to compete with Bruno Mars or Drake. 


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Ross Butler has joined the cast of the To All the Boys sequel, but I can’t mention him without bringing up the alleged kidnapping plot. Sam Lutfi, Courtney Love, Kurt’s guitar, a restraining order – how are we not talking about this all the time?! It should be a podcast. 


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