Demi Lovato continued to feud with froyo yesterday, first posting a story in which she wrote “don’t mess with me” and “the customer is always right” in a DM exchange (she since deleted, here is the link), then posting a video that defended her messaging and passion for standing up for people with eating disorders, acknowledging that it’s gone sideways. 


Then Jameela Jamil entered the chat, swooping in to defend Demi and at the same time lamenting the attention this is getting. Jameela takes issue with Demi trending on Twitter, but that ignores the fact that it was Demi who instigated the conversation and kept it going for two days. She also said Demi is “super young” (she’s 28) and went with the tried-and-true celebrity argument: people should care about more important things like trans rights and gun control in the US. OK, so does that only apply to us, or should Demi care about more important things as well? I’m confused as to who should be focusing on what according to the Jameela and Demi Instagram handbook. Both Jameela and Demi then went on to post DMs from people who said they are diabetic and don’t eat sugar-free foods, doubling down on the implication that sugar-free is in fact for dieters and problematic. I had a few emails from people who said quite the opposite: they suffer from celiac disease or diabetes or other ailments and don’t want to pick up food packages labelled with specific diseases and that’s completely fair and understandable (there’s also a whole mess of liability for a company labeling food that way). And here’s where I could say damn it’s bananas that we are going this hard on a yogurt story, but Demi says it’s bigger than yogurt, while Jameela calls it a pile-on. How is it only Tuesday?

Jameela Jamil on Demi Lovato's Instagram stories
Jameela Jamil on Demi Lovato's Instagram stories

On a completely different note, Jameela Jamil posted a The Good Place sleepover shot and the gang’s almost all there. Missing is Kristen Bell and I’m not even being petty pointing that out – it’s very obvious and multiple people noted it in the comments. Kristen didn’t like the photo either. Just an observation.

There have been a few viral TikTok videos with this hair – the Farrah Fawcett. Are we looking at the next trend for summer? My hair doesn’t have the range but Ciara is making a case for it. 


Of all the things Taylor Swift dunks on Scooter Braun about I can’t believe this corny Time Magazine mirror has never come up. 

Zooming in on this to see if Jennifer Aniston is wearing tights (or pantyhose?) under her pants. We recently saw tights under pants on Priyanka Chopra and, like Lainey, I would worry about the cling. 

Is the “mom shuffle” a thing? If not, Julia Roberts just invented it with this dance. So much arm swinging.


The easy story with JLo right now is to push her towards Lenny Kravitz but that’s too predictable. As hot as it would be, I’m with Lainey in that her next boyfriend will likely be a civilian.

Twitter is currently crushing on Jack Black and I really hope someone shows the tweets to Jack Black because I think he’d be absolutely tickled by it. He is a very good sport.