Many male comedians have been lamenting that they have been stifled by “PC culture” and that they can’t make jokes anymore because the social justice warriors are out to get them. This weekend I caught up on Veep and off the top of my head, they touched on mass shootings, abortion, the #MeToo movement, white feminism, the use of the r- and n-words, voter suppression – and the show is still as funny as it is uncomfortable. So what I’m saying is, none of those comedians are as funny as Veep. 


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I know what a banh mi is and I know what a burrito is, but what is a banh mi burrito?! I’m shook. 


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The Combs family spread in Essence is sweet and sad and joyful and also very stylish. Look at them – this could be a luxury print ad. Better, actually. 


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When we are talking post-Game of Thrones career strategy, which actors will fare better: Those like Richard Madden, who were killed relatively early on (that is not a spoiler, it was years ago!!!!!) or the ones who stay until the end(ish). 


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Socks with sandals needs to be more accessible to regular people because it’s comfortable and practical. Hear me out: in the summer, the city is dirty and sandals don’t offer enough protection for feet, it’s pretty gross. Wearing sandals with socks solves that problem but it doesn’t seem there’s an everyday look that falls somewhere between Pharrell and a dad on a cruise.


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Taylor Swift is hinting so hard on Instagram – but if it’s this hard, is it even still a hint? At this point, how is this different than a traditional album roll-out?


After the Oscars, I mentioned that Renee Zellweger looked amazing at the Vanity Fair party and wondered if it was about work. And it was: her new Netflix show, What/If – a“neo-noir thriller” – stars Renee as a wealthy woman who messes with people. I wonder if we will ever hear from Renee, who is very picky about her work and private about her life, what made her decide to take Netflix’s offer.