It’s probably a generational thing but if I see Cyndi Lauper’s name at PEOPLE, I’m clicking. Yesterday during my (online) exercise class, the instructor played "Time After Time" and that is a wistful song that you can also belt out – one of the best songs to come out of the 80s. The PEOPLE story is about how Cyndi stopped dressing like herself because she didn’t want to stand out at school drop-off and Gaga told her to snap out of it. 


Gisele’s All In Challenge reward is going to a Dior photoshoot with her, hair and makeup, a posing lesson, as well as lunch afterwards. It’s a great prize, very personal, and Gisele is putting in her time. It’s “supermodel for a day” camp. I just don’t know if I could handle tips on angles from Gisele; that would be like getting a surfing lesson from Kelly Slater (who she nominated) – a little intimidating, no? Besides him, she nominated Kim Kardashian, which leads me to a question: do they give the heads-up before nominating? Like will Gisele text Kim to ask for the OK, just in case Kim can’t do it? I want to know how this works because the All In Challenges are pretty significant commitments.

Martha Stewart is social distancing at her farm. This is how you mulch strawberry plants, if that’s info you need. This led me to discover that Martha has a gardener who, I think, might live at her farm (or at least is there a lot) and his name is Ryan. Where is his Town & Country profile?!


Ozark may have had a bump in popularity because of quaran-TV time, but we don’t know because Netflix doesn’t release numbers. It is ideal viewing right now because it has the feeling of prestige TV but doesn’t ask anything of its audience. It’s easy to keep track of the characters, motivations are pretty clear-cut and there’s no bigger social message to parse about classism or gender roles or power structures. It’s just about what it’s about, nothing more and nothing less. It is, as Vulture points out, the platonic ideal of a TV show

Another one of these “do you hear your thoughts” questions. Third person or eyesight? This tripped me up.