Paul Bettany couldn’t go to the Avenging Avengers of Avengerland because he was working. So he’s stuck on set, bored out of his mind, while his co-stars are doing a red carpet victory lap that actually looks like fun. Everyone talks about FOMO, but this is it.


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Ninja and Chip and Joanna Gaines couldn’t be further from one another on the media spectrum (he’s a YouTuber who streams Fortnite, they are HGTV royalty and the reason many people have barnyard home decor despite living nowhere near a farm). If you don’t know who any of them are, I’m happy for you. I’m jealous of you. Because there is something so unsettling about this trio. My soul feels cold(er) just looking at it.


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Because everything has to be a cryptic reveal, Camila Cabello posted this on Instagram. Wilted rose lip heart is probably not the name of the song. The only other thing this makes me think of is "Kissed By a Rose."


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According the family with the most  DNA, we can just rename food whatever the f-ck we want now. In honour of the them calling deviled eggs “yellow pocket angels eggs” (which is the epitome of evil), I’m renaming angel’s food cake to “the devil’s sponge.” See, anyone can be stupid and just make sh-t up.


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Emma Roberts calls this “sunrise blonde” but if it was a touch darker, it would be bronde. 


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There’s still photos coming out of Gigi’s “denim themed” birthday party. Her sister Bella was there, and as we know, Bella doesn’t publicly mix with Taylor’s squad, so what’s that vibe like inside? Frosty or do they put on a game face for Gigi? 


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The Office is insanely popular on Netflix and there are Twitter streams dedicated to people watching and re-watching it. But NBCUniversal, which owns the rights to The Office, is launching its own streaming site and considering pulling the rights from Netflix. I find a lot of the licensing stuff complicated (mainly because I’m a dum dum) but what we do know is that Netflix has very deep pockets to sway NBC Universal’s decision. What I’m curious about is how the creators, writers and actors are getting paid for residuals. Who’s getting paid from all this?


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Noah Wyle gave a really in-depth interview to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s not technically about ER, but the reporter, Jean Bentley, asks excellent questions and get so much dishy stuff. Noah talks about being difficult to work with (particularly towards new coworkers) because they took the show very seriously. It shows though, right? It was a serious show! Now he has some perspective and has been reconnecting with Eric La Salle and other cast members. And while he might have been a dick to work with back then, he’s pretty generous in his praise now. When asked about the strong “medical drama” tone it set, he specifically credits a Steadicam operator, Guy Bee. How often do actors name those names? Set some time aside this week to read it


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Speaking of reveals, Beyoncé waited three years to bless some music platforms with Lemonade. But was that timeline always part of the plan? It’s Beyoncé, so I don’t doubt it. I don’t believe in coincidences when it comes to her work.