Did you read Rob Lowe’s comments about Tom Cruise? If not, click here because it’s an illuminating anecdote. Rob said that when they were young bucks, they made the cut for The Outsiders and were flown to New York to meet the rest of the cast. He and Tom were put up at The Plaza in New York and Tom went “ballistic” at having to share a room. Total diva behaviour. But amongst a group of young alphas, it was also a power move. As Rob explains, it made him see Tom as more important than the rest of them, even though Tom didn’t have any significant acting experience. And isn’t being “bigger” than a group part of what makes a diva? Tom believed in his own exceptionalism and pulled a “fake it till you make it” move. What’s interesting is that he was acting like a movie star before he was a movie star, but today, as a super A-list celebrity, he is known for his professionalism. He would never pull a stunt like this at reception because that would be bad form. Also, they don’t have to worry about doing the work of their ego because everyone else does it for them. The Plaza would give him a whole damn floor, comped.


“Fashion Week” (which happens several times a year in cities all over the world) has been begging for a revamp – the schedule, the cost, and the inefficiency of it all hasn’t made sense for a long time. Saint Laurent, typically a very splashy and star-studded event, is opting out of Paris and is looking to set their own schedule in a more direct-to-consumer way. Marc Jacobs has done the same, announcing he will skip New York. This is one of the many resets happening in the fashion world right now. Condé Nast, which usually leads the course in all things fashion via Anna Wintour, called a “an embodiment of boomer excess.” It’s an easy thing to point at her as a symbol of superfluous spending, but the fashion industry is about more than the front row – it’s millions of jobs and billions of dollars. It’s also interesting that right now publishing companies are seen as excessive. Has the NYT checked on hedge funds managers?

John Krasinski hosted a potluck and these were the recipes: Guy Fieri’s spicy sloppy joes, Martha Stewart made pierogis, David Chang made chicken cacciatore and Stanley Tucci made a negroni, but the twist is that they had to use recipes submitted to John by viewers. What recipe would you pick? 


Every few days or so, someone on Twitter asks about the third season of Succession and I’m reminded that they haven’t even started filming. This is devastating to many of us. Here’s Cousin Greg bringing new meaning to the #AllInChallenge and nominating the entire cast of season 6 Bachelor In Paradise. (Hahahahahahahhahahaha.) More Cousin Greg is far off, but we might get Nicholas Braun in Zola, which is on A24’s slate for 2020 but doesn’t have a release date. I’m dying to see this movie and really hope it doesn’t get buried.