There was a photo of Carey Mulligan on the beach with her husband Marcus Mumford and it’s so rare to see photos of her because between projects, she really disappears. Then she was photographed in New York with Bradley Cooper as they prepare for Maestro, which Bradley will star in and direct. Like A Star Is Born, it will center around a musician (he will play composer Leonard Bernstein) and his relationship with his wife. It’s quite a coincidental set of circumstances, though I don’t think Leonard ever peed his pants on stage at the Grammys.


Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are getting married very soon in Miami and the Beckham family are there now, spending some time on a yacht and taking care of last minute details. The UK tabloids are reporting that a prenup has been signed (Nicola’s family is extremely wealthy), positioning it like it’s a negative thing. Even if you disregard their age (Brooklyn is 23, Nicola is 27), when there’s that much money involved and trusts and inheritance, it’s just smart to get the details down on paper. 


I’ve posted about Martha Stewart’s cat Princess Peony before, but this is not the update I wanted. The freshly dug grave is… very intense. As is the information that her dogs killed poor Princess. This is a lot to process. 


For those still on a Bridgerton kick, this video of Jonathan Bailey singing “If I Didn’t Believe in You” from the musical The Last Five Years has 72k views. Just a warning that this could wreak havoc on your productivity today. 

Olivia Munn and John Mulaney hit an important, nerve-wracking parenting milestone: first time eating out with a baby. Malcolm looks extremely chill in all the photos, so hopefully they hit the sweet spot with timing and they were able to eat in peace, or at least take turns. Pho is a great meal to have with kids.


Cardi B. has deactivated her Twitter and Instagram accounts because she got into it with fans who were upset she wasn’t at the Grammys, particularly the accounts that blamed it on her children. She’s right and it’s nonsense; there is no reason anyone should be calling her out for not attending, especially considering how much access fans have to her on social media. It’s not like the Grammys are better than her Instagram stories.