This week, we are talking about our favourite Game of Thrones episodes. (First up was Prem, who makes a case for Renly Baratheon thirst.) Mine will be up sometime later today, but I like this question posed by Ike Barinholtz on the GoT characters we see ourselves as (and who we’d actually be). For me, it’s Tyrion or some handmaiden that worked in court and had to empty the bedpans.

The Effie latte looks like Katy Perry dressed up for American Idol.


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Paul Rudd turned 50 last week – did you take the Buzzfeed quiz? I got 18/20 because the key is to look at how the photograph is lit; the better the lightning, the newer the photograph - and the older the Paul. And while I do think there’s some very subtle, very disciplined work happening with the face (be it laser facials or something else), I also think he has an excellent makeup artist who gets him ready for red carpets and talk shows. But the thing is, because there’s such an enigma around him now, that makeup artist will never get credit for his/her work. Tell us about your under-eye concealer, Paul. Reveal thyself.


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Luka Sabbat and Chloe Sevigny are maybe a thing? That’s too much It for one couple. 


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s finale was last week and Rachel Bloom got bangs. This is a lot to process but looking at this photo, does it constitute “the haircut”? You know the haircut I’m referring to (and if you don’t, click here). I think this is a version of “the haircut.” 


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Jameela Jamil and Azealia Banks got into on Twitter yesterday – Azealia’s account is gone and some of Jamil’s tweets are deleted but you can read about the exchange here. Look I know I shouldn’t have laughed at “2% milk looking boyfriend” but I did. I’m not made of stone.  


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There are dozens of celebrity fragrances on the market (Britney Spears has 24), and Michelle Pfeiffer is now joining the ranks with Henry Rose, a line that focuses on transparency. When Michelle joined Instagram back in January, I wondered how much she would post because up until now, she’s been a super private person. But when an actor or actress aligns themselves with a product, whether it be alcohol (like Clooney) or pajamas (like Robin Wright) or athleisure (like Hilary Swank), no matter how luxurious it is and no matter how great their name recognition is, they need to sell it on Instagram. It has to be a little humbling to know that these marketing techniques aren’t different than anything the Kardashians are doing.


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