What, and I cannot stress this enough, the f-ck is Drake wearing. 


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Miley and Liam’s split is going to release a lot of chaotic energy into the world and, because of his extensive work with crystals, Spencer Pratt is ready to harness that energy for himself.

Everyone is going to be talking about Drunk Taylor, but Page Six is writing about Squad Taylor, positioning her as a punitive and fairweather friend. Page Six is actually late to the story. We’ve been watching the Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss drama slowly unfold over the years and it’s not exactly a feud, but more of a freezing out. What’s interesting is how Taylor will answer for it now as she has become the personification of a heart-eye emoji for Lover promo. Where does this story fit in? She cannot possibly come out swinging against Karlie because, even if she’s right in whatever went down, it will be just another enemy to add to the list. And if what sources are saying is true (that it is a slight disagreement that caused Taylor to ice out Karlie), well, Taylor looks petty. Again. 


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Gigi Hadid was robbed in Mykonos and before anyone asks, Lindsay Lohan has an alibi. 


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Lady Gaga is funding 160 classroom projects in El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy – let’s see how long it takes for someone with an agenda to turn this into a negative


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Jeffrey R. Epstein, emphasis on the R., is having a bad week on social media. 

Journalist Taylor Lorenz wrote a story on twinfluencers’ growing social media power. Every generation has their double muses. 


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