Selena Gomez is coming and she wants everyone to know it. I love a Selena album cycle. 


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Even though promotion for Lover has included a lot of social media, Taylor Swift is still selective with her interactions on Instagram. Joe Alwyn got a “like” for this and it’s her way of telling us that even though he isn’t part of the public narrative, they are still together. 


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Is “the haircut” still a thing? Did Penelope Cruz get “the haircut"? I think this look is for a role in Wasp Network, but it’s a great on her. 


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Speaking of haircuts, here is Celine Dion with a bowl cut. This is a fantastic cover for fall because it’s extreme, but also wearable. She’s in jeans and boots and a coat – what is more fall than that? But the haircut – could this become a look? Could you ever? I could not. 


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Did Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa plan to wear all black and all white for this photo? I’m going to say yes, they did. Or Lisa Bonet told them to do it and of course they listened. 


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One of the only people to take on the Kardashian Industrial Complex and win is Jada Pinkett Smith. Remember, when the family wanted to destroy Jordyn Woods, it was Jada Pinkett Smith (with Will’s encouragement) who stepped in and gave Jordyn a platform. And it worked – Jordyn is now building her own career, and not a footnote in their story


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Fast and Furious is having a spot of hilarious press because of some fragile male egos. Basically, some of the actors (like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and The Rock) have a clause in their contract that stipulates their character can’t lose a fight or get beaten up too badly. They need to keep it even between the boys (at one point, they were trying to count punches) so that one man isn’t seen as weaker than the others. As Jordan Crucchiola from Vulture points it, this is like getting a participation trophy approach. Do they get a popsicle at the end of the day?


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Oliver Hudson is putting himself on tape for auditions while he is on summer holiday. You can see his daughter in the background, which of course makes me think of the greatest video in the history of the internet. 


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