Jennifer Meyer and Jennifer Aniston cover The Hollywood Reporter together. It’s been a huge year for Jen Meyer’s jewelry line – she announced a stand-alone store to open next year (and she was featured WWD, The New York Times and again in THR, just last month, for her philanthropic work). Jen A. has been a supporter of her line for a long time – she wore her jewellery in The Break-Up.
For Jennifer Meyer, having friends in high places isn’t an advantage, it’s a way of life. And her profile has grown exponentially since she split from Tobey. He was actually the least interesting thing about her.

I started The Deuce. I’m not quite sure about the show but I love the era (70s), the setting (in and around grimy Times Square) and the casual cocaine use. Oh and James Franco plays twins. Of course he does.


Episode 2 of #TheDeuce at 9pm TONIGHT on @HBO #Candy

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He tagged Chloe Grace Moretz. It’s for real. For now.


These nights are my favourite ❀️. Missing my girl

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Kate Moss’s daughter sat front row at London Fashion Week. But unlike most of the next generation, she said she doesn’t want to be a model but is considering being a fashion designer. Like her mom’s friend, Stella.


RG Spotted on the front row @topshop πŸ‘€ Kate, Lila & @edward_enninful . #kma #katemoss #topshop

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I wonder what this reviewer would consider appropriately interracial and not TOO interracial. What tipped it to “very”?

Yesterday, Lainey and I were discussing whether or not to talk about Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen’s divorce. We decided to hold it for this column today, and still I almost forgot to mention it. Which tells me that we will probably forget about it pretty quickly.


#fbf ❀️

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