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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been in Venice for his dad’s wedding. Picture your dad. Is he as steezy as Dwyane’s dad? My dad is cute. But he’s not THIS!


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Weddings make people extra emotional. Dwyane was clearly feeling it. Kathleen probably cried over this caption:


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Meanwhile I’m over here loving Gabrielle’s travel style:


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Jenny Slate is on holiday with family too. It’s a road trip. With grandparents and parents. I respect this. But man… I don’t know if I could do it. I do not know if I could spend days and days in a car with my parents or with Jacek’s parents. Not on my time off. Not when I need to restore my mental energy. All of us trapped in vehicle would not be restorative. 


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On Friday I went to my third viewing of Crazy Rich Asians with Kathleen, Duana, and Andrea. Andrea snuck in a backpack full of Asian treats: Pocky, seaweed, gummies, and haw flakes! You people are lucky we didn’t go whole ass Chinese and bust out the dried cuttlefish. That, to me, is the classic smell of a Hong Kong movie theatre. 

Speaking of snacks, Seth Rogen is defending the ultimate Canadian potato chip flavour. I don’t know why this is so weird to Americans. It’s not like Americans don’t like ketchup. And it’s not like Americans aren’t familiar with ranch dressing. A condiment flavoured chip – what is so confusing about this?

Reese Witherspoon knows her romantic comedy. She’s anointed the new Queen of the romantic comedy. 

Who does Vanessa Hudgens look like to you in this photo? With her hair styled that way? For me it’s Jenna Dewan. 


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Orlando Bloom buzzed his head to celebrate the end of the run of his play, Killer Joe. Since he’s asking for an opinion, here’s mine: thumbs down. 


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