A double-athlete engagement is an underrated thing and PK Subban and Lindsey Vonn should be bigger news, right?


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Has she tried watching panda videos? Lainey loses hours to that. 

Body by Simone is the arch-nemesis of Tracy Anderson (Simone was one of three trainers who defected to start her own cardio-dance studio). Jennifer Garner is a big fan of Simone and I wonder if the trainer wars seep into celebrity interactions. If a devotee of Tracy Anderson runs into one of Simone’s clients and she looks amazing, is there talk of defection? Do the trainers gossip about who was in class, who has dropped, who has moved to another method?


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Read Busy Philipps’s full caption. I’m with the husband – it takes a certain type of person to write “love of my life” in earnest on Instagram, and not everyone is that kind of person. 


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It’s kind of incredible that in the year 2019, we are still celebrating and anointing new child stars. We know how this story goes, even for the talented ones. It’s not simply a Disney problem, or a Nickelodeon problem, or a momager problem (though those are all contributors). It’s a fame problem. We know that even the ones who “turn out” have a stunted childhood. Right now, social media is allowing an extension of fame for young people, but that doesn’t mean that the transition from child/teen/adult is any easier. There’s an argument that we need child actors, which, fine. But do we ever need child stars? Who is this for? Are 10-year-olds picking up The Hollywood Reporter?


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Last summer I wrote in this space about Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas preparing their kids for the family business. For more insight, read this Town & Country interview (they are always delightfully elitist) on how 15-year-old Carys is “ready for her close up.” They are positioning her as a fashion It Girl with pedigree and manners. I’m curious how that will play in the age of Snapchat or if they are trying to bypass social media and go for more traditional media, like Town & Country and Vanity Fair.  


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All of these parents sending their kids off to college is a lot of feels. 


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