Awkwafina is hosting the iHeart Radio MMVAs this weekend in Toronto. This is the main reason I’m going. Next reason: Shawn Mendes. WHAT?! Anyway, maybe she’ll meet someone in Toronto who doesn’t order steak well done. As she says, “WHO DOES THIS?” Answer: Elvis Presley. Elvis is very hard to defend, I know. 


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The Beckhams and the Ramsays are very close. So here’s something for you Beckham worriers – they’re still hanging with their BFFs. They wouldn’t want to jeopardise this, would they? Everything is fine. 


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How DO they come up with app names? If I launched an app, it would be a mahjong app and the name would be “Sick Woo”. Because that’s what you say, in Cantonese, when you win. “Sick Woo!” Please don’t steal my idea. But if it’s out there already, tell me and humble me. 

Here’s another mention of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Emotion. It’s been three years. It’s not too late to get into it. Make it your soundtrack this weekend. 


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I have ABBA Gold permanently on my phone. You never know when you need some ABBA. Cher’s version of SOS is… I love it. Like, I can’t believe it took this long to put Cher + ABBA together. 

Well HELLOOOOO to all the feelings. Look at our Queen of Feelings feeling herself all wet and wild in Singapore. Singapore, see? Even Celine Dion is all over Crazy Rich Asians. 


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