Spent the morning inspecting Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum’s cart, like Lainey did here. I agree, the toilet paper is a sign. And I would like to add the big roasting pan could be a symbol of domesticity as well. Those pans are for group dinners, right? Like making a roast or turkey (or tofurkey) or roasted veggie dish, for a group of people. Maybe they are having a dinner party? Or, as they are in upstate New York, maybe their rental (assuming they are in one) isn’t equipped with the cooking equipment they want. Either way they are talking about what they need to stock up on for the weekend: roasting pans and tp. Stars, they’re just like us. 


Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers kind of came out of nowhere during the fog of quarantine, announced their engagement, went social media official, and now are back to being low key. Very low key. Haven’t seen a photo of these two together in a minute. They still follow each other on Instagram. 


Billions had an interrupted fifth season, having to abruptly cut filming short for obvious reasons. During the break, Damian Lewis’s wife, the wonderful Helen McCrory, passed away, which of course would require time off for Damian. So it will come back when it comes back and the audience will be there because by now, we’ve been trained to expect long breaks between seasons. And considering the stock market stories that have come out over the last year, the interest will be there, too. For me, this show is a cotton candy version of Succession. Enjoyable in bites but not something you’re going to fill up on. 


Gwen Stefani is on a “honeymoon tour” with Blake Shelton and honestly? Love this for her. She spent so many years surrounded by an ex and an all-male band and, at least to me, seemed humble to the point of embarrassed about her popularity. It doesn’t seem like that is the case with Blake, at all.


I like this dress on Karlie Kloss but I think that’s partly because of her height. But how do we feel about the check print? I like it. (I despise that style shoe though.) There’s a red-and-white check print sweater I’ve been waiting to go on sale and it hasn’t yet and I might just have to bite the bullet and pay full retail. Back to Karlie: do you think she received a baby gift from Taylor Swift? Gigi Hadid got a personalized baby blanket, as did Katy Perry, and you know Blake and Ryan’s kids are getting presents all the time. So if there was no gift, which is just an acknowledgement and good wishes (it’s not like any of these people need gifts), then that’s a whole other level of “not friends” right? We know they aren’t friends, but if there was no acknowledgement of this major life change, this is a “I don’t f-ck with you or your family” declaration.