This is the quintessential Jessica Simpson outfit. Yes she can do pantsuits (and judging by her book tour, quite well) but it’s clear she shines in a body-con leopard print dress and platform heels. This is a glow from within. 


Anya Taylor-Joy (who up until a few months ago I thought was called Anna Taylor-Joy) is on the cover of Tatler giving major Michelle Pfeiffer-in-Scarface vibes. This is intentional, I’m sure of it. And it’s been done pretty recently with Paris Hilton for Lanvin. I don’t blame stylists and artistic directors for going back to this look over and over because it’s so glamorous but as close as they get to Michelle, it’s still not even close, you know? 


Yesterday Lainey posted about a pair of brown boots Jennifer Lopez has been wearing and I searched OutfitID to source the brand – it says they are Coach, which makes sense as she’s a brand ambassador, but I haven’t been able to find a pair anywhere. Maybe custom made? Naomi Watts’s look has a similar vibe with the billowy white dress and brown… socks? Yes, knee-high slouchy knit socks. The look isn’t for everyone but I quite like it. The only thing that’s frustrating me is that I can’t see what type of shoe she is wearing. 


As posted this week, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are on a honeymoon tour and look, it doesn’t matter a person’s musical taste or if they only listen to one genre of music (be it country, classical, R&B, K-pop, ska, Gregorian chants) but when "Don’t Speak" comes out the crowd will sing along to the chorus, loudly, and in their feelings. Doesn’t matter the time, place, political preference or arena. It’s the law. 

Adorable and hot? How dare he. 


Garcelle Beauvais is having a moment on this season of Real Housewives – I don’t remember a time any one person was this beloved by fans, recappers, and bloggers on any franchise. And she absolutely deserves it because she has found the balance of being an actress on a reality TV show but not turning herself into a character. Lisa Rinna plays Lisa Rinna and after several years, it’s gotten tired. Garcelle is a real person but also super glamorous and gorgeous and let me tell you, she has these women shaking in their outdated Louboutins. Housewife alliances rely on “niceness” which is fake and fleeting, whereas Garcelle is actually a kind (and rational, funny and empathetic) person with great instincts and she’s compelling to watch. She has really set a high bar for the future of the show.