Chrissy Teigen is selecting submissions for her courtroom show, Chrissy’s Court. I think she should do an “airplane week” and every case can be egregious violation – like egg sandwich in a confined space, or watching a movie without headphones, or the couple who books an aisle and a window hoping no one is in the middle and then, when there is inevitably someone in the middle, asks another passenger to switch so they can sit together (the worst people in the world). And then, of course, the barefoot bandits. 


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Vogue is decidedly pro-Diplo, if we are keeping track. (And yes, I am. Very much so.)


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The cashmere bra Katie Holmes’ was papped in has sold out (it’s made by Khaite and costs $520). I think the bra/cardigan combo will be big this fall, because of the way she looks hailing the cab. It’s very sophisticated, but fresh. And it made me think of Katie’s fashion choices, particularly boyfriend jeans. She was a pioneer of the style, there’s no doubt about that. But when she was still married to Tom, his spokesperson (sister) tried to tell us that “Kate” was wearing his jeans, which never made sense because she cuffed them and obviously, she has a good 4 inches on him. Imagine the mental gymnastics required to come up with that lie.


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This is Beyoncé’s publicist, so the response is legit, but who was asking the question? Who is dumb enough to think Beyoncé would host the Grammys? They are lucky if she shows up after the f-ckery they displayed in 2017

The good thing about the Noah Centineo’s thirst-trap fall from grace is that it sets the audience up well for a sequel, which I assume will include Lana Candor’s character exploring other options. We will support that choice. 


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Marketing companies pay millions of dollars and spend countless of hours trying to come up with a post that will have a fraction of the social media virality that Shawn Mendes eating an avocado has. 


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This story in ELLE, written by Jessica Roy, is about two American sisters, married to two brothers. One moves to an ISIS-controlled territory with her husband and becomes a prisoner or a participant, depending on which narrative you believe. It’s a fascinating story that should definitely be turned into an HBO series. Who would you cast as the Sally sisters? Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart come to mind for me. 


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