Shawn Mendes has joined TikTok, and I don’t know what it means for the medium. Does having celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Reese Witherspoon and Shawn Mendes on there make it less palatable for the youth? And if they leave and find somewhere new to post,  how long will it take the grownups to find it and ruin it with their oldness? Below is my favourite TikTok of the week (be careful with the sound, there’s swearing).


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I thought this photo was a throwback but no – it’s just Avril being Avril. Consistent “texting my friends from a Sidekick while waiting for them outside Hot Topic” energy.


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Orlando Bloom has signed a first look deal with Amazon Studios and my first thought was, “First look at what?” He is in Carnival Row which isn’t exactly a topic of conversation when it comes to TV. He is still quite famous but he’s also engaged to a pop star. Take that out of the equation and how many people are looking for Orlando Bloom’s work?


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Being sick on the plane is the worst. (So is sitting next to some who is sick, as you know the germs can’t be contained no matter how hard they try. It’s in the air.)

Michelle Pfeiffer had to use toilet paper for her nose until the flight attendant gave her a box of tissues. Airline toilet paper is like sandpaper, have you ever noticed that? And I don’t think the TP is different in first class but maybe there’s a fancy airline out there that uses two-ply? 


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This is the couple that captions their “candid” Instagram posts “just hanging with this nerd” or “I think I’ll keep him.” 


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Ashley Benson had a birthday party and Cara Delevingne appears to have been missing – a fan asked about it on Instagram and Ashley responded that Cara was working, which makes sense (I was unable to find the comment, but the story is here).

Not that long ago, there was a breakup Tweet posted to Cara’s account, followed by some jibberish Tweets, then the announcement she’d been hacked. Celebs get hacked all the time, so fair. But if I was a savvy celebrity (or publicist) and I posted something regrettable and rashly and I wanted to take it back, it’s easy enough to make it look like you’ve been hacked (post a couple of tweets about cellphones, which hackers seem to do a lot). I’m not saying that’s what Cara did, at all, but all of this combined doesn’t exactly seem like nothing.


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This week I noted that Angelina Jolie made a rare appearance on Instagram via Salma Hayek, but there’s actually another shot of her backstage at Dear Evan Hansen. And Alex Thomas Smith had an Angelina Jolie tattoo – she looks delighted! This is some very effective manifesting on his part. 


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