He’s not jumping on a couch, but Chris Pratt is declaring his love in a big way. I would like to draw your attention to the bottom right corner; Katherine is holding a wooden Jesus plaque. Do you think he whittled it for her? He must have, why else would he have included it in the montage. Will it be a Christmas engagement for these two? (And for those wondering, he and Anna Faris seem to remain amicable – she liked this post.)


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Models love these teddy bear coats, but they are not for me. First off, it rains a lot in Vancouver, so I don’t think the coat would hold up well. Second, I am already shaped like a teddy bear, I don’t need a coat to accentuate that. 


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This cover is from 1990. Who would have predicted that 28 years later, Bart would still be in grade 4 and Bill Cosby would be serving 3-10 years in prison. 


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Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan have split up, which isn’t surprising considering how much traveling both have been doing (he was on tour, she is promoting Bumblebee). I kind of want to Gossip Genie her with someone because I think she’s going to be a big name one day – she’s very talented. How about our favourite little thirst nugget, Noah Centino?


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Julie Andrews’ granddaughter Kayti (that spelling – wow) claims she slept with Dax Shepherd a couple of years into his relationship with Kristen Bell. She certainly sold the story (and a photo of them kissing) but there’s no way to verify her dates. I think Dax handled it quite well by making it seem inconsequential and silly. So often, a celebs’ first instinct is to threaten to sue, which makes the story bigger. He minimized it perfectly.

Rita Ora keeps being a thing and posting about her chart rankings but, and I’m not being facetious, does anyone know her music? She’s the empress with no beats. Here she is taking on the most iconic Christmas song and while it’s not terrible, it is forgettable. 


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Yesterday, it was reported that Eliza Dushku was awarded $9.5 million in a mediated agreement with CBS pertaining to sexual harassment (and subsequent dismissal) on the set of Bull. I can’t be the only person who’s never heard of Bull, right? This piece mentions the star, Michael Weatherly, a few times. I don’t know him. I had to Google his name/image and still didn’t know him. Eliza Dushku is way more famous than this dude and she also has decades of experience in the industry. She took all the “right” steps that people talk about, like “why didn’t she do x,y,z?” Eliza went to a producer, she spoke to Michael directly, she had her team approach CBS and still they cut her out of a lucrative TV contract. He cost the network $9.5 million dollars and he gets to keep his job.