The Social Network was on TV this weekend, a movie I cannot not watch when I come across it, you know? A few observation: Armie Hammer was born to play those big WASP twins; Justin Timberlake as the annoying Sean Parker might have been genius on Fincher’s part. And Max Minghella is fine. Have a bunch of you been crushing on Max without my knowledge? Am I late to this? He’s dating Elle Fanning, who is 22 and yes, there’s a significant age difference (he’s 35). 


It’s been 10 years since Miley Cyrus was sold out to TMZ and this is a great case study for celebrity gossip hindsight. It was such a big deal then. Now, I feel like this would be on TikTok for 15 seconds and everyone would forget about it. 

You know Halle Berry is in deep because she’s not one to splash her business all around Instagram. And she wants people to know all about her and Van Hunt.


My latest quarantine watch is Peaky Blinders, which I’m late on, I know. But it’s made me curious about Annabelle Wallis, someone who I knew about but haven’t paid much attention to. I know many of you have Chris Pine at the top of your Chris List and they’ve been dating for a while. Did you know they are Instagram official? Or at least I would consider them to be with this video. (A bit of swearing if you have the volume on.)

Jerry Seinfeld is featured in The New York Times column By The Book and it’s pretty crusty. He doesn’t read widely so the same handful of books are mentioned over and over. He makes a point to say he doesn’t enjoy reading all that much (don’t worry, he doesn’t enjoy TV either because he sees “acting”). I understand why they’d ask him to be part of the column, but I don’t quite understand why he agreed to do it. It’s not like he needs the publicity. 


I’m obsessed with the Burberry sweaters on Gabrielle Union and Zaya and I especially like the way Zaya styled it with wide leg jeans and boots with mismatched laces. Burberry often works with the children of celebrities (ie: Romeo Beckham, Iris Law) and if I were on the booking team, I’d be trying to get a contract with Zaya. 

Cody Simpson has had kind of a crazy year – he started quarantine with Miley Cyrus, then they broke up in August and now he’s qualified for the Olympics after 5 months of training. 


Yolanda Hadid posted photos from Gigi and Zayn’s gender reveal (which I admit I’m kind of surprised they were into – it’s a bit outdated, no?) and Gigi has been posting photos from the end of her pregnancy and there’s a fan theory that Taylor revealed their baby’s name (Dorothea). The only thing they have yet to share is a photo of the baby’s face but maybe that’s what all of this is leading up to.