Sienna Miller is on the cover of Vogue and I believe it’s her fourth time for US Vogue. That’s a lot considering that, to put it politely, Sienna Miller is not a movie star. Or a TV star. She’s an actor and is also known for style and was a tabloid fixture but I don’t know if her career has ever matched her hype. 


Also, the stretch here: It’s easy to ascribe a kind of implicit politics to her choices, thinking that by baring her pregnant stomach on the red carpet with evident joie de vivre, she’s making life a bit easier for all women.” Making life a bit easier for all women. LOL. Vogue is trolling us. 


Madonna is being criticized for starting her NYC show late which, if you know Madonna, is not because she was unprepared or hanging out backstage. Madonna is meticulous with her performances and has a very strong work ethic – if the show was late, it’s because there was an issue. I will 100% give her the benefit of the doubt on that because she has decades of experience and has never been known to keep her fans waiting just for the fun of it. Also, why are people who weren’t even at the show getting all worked about it?


I have the pettiest deep dive so please indulge me. Jaime King and Taylor Swift were tight in the early days of Taylor’s career (she is godmother to Jaime and Kyle Newman’s son). Kyle and Taylor have worked together for a few years (he directed "Style", as well as some visuals for her tour). Kyle and Jaime had an extremely messy breakup and seemed to have settled their custody issues. Back in October, Kyle posted a new video for "Clean (Taylor’s Version)" that he directed. Great. Jaime posted this clip yesterday, not tagging anyone and the caption reads, “Wow! I loved working on this 💕 Bravo to all involved 💯”. Kyle’s post lists all the credits and Jaime is not on there. Is this Jaime offering sincere praise or… something else? Like why would she not tag Taylor or Kyle? A few things to consider: it was posted on Taylor’s birthday. It could be her version of a shout-out. And maybe she is tight enough with Taylor (outside of Squad 2.0) that she doesn’t need to perform it. I’m a bit torn on this because a tag is really not that important – is Taylor Swift going to see that one tag out of millions? Maybe Jaime doesn’t need the validation. 


This post could also be interpreted as “I was in the room when this happened.” 


Cardi B.’s TikTok concert was a huge hit and I love the way she is grabbing that platform. She’s meeting her fans where they are and it’s very savvy.


Hilary Duff is right, Disney does have the sauce. Even at the end of the night when it feels like half of the people in the park are in tears, parents are having whisper-screaming fights about whether or not to watch the fireworks and kids are crashed in the stroller or unleashing blood curdling screams, it still feels magical.