Adam Devine and Chloe Bridges’ wedding in Cabo was covered in Vogue and I really like her dress, the under-appreciated off-the-shoulder with long sleeves silhouette. He wore all-black, an interesting choice for a beach wedding. Just because a tan suit is the go-to choice doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice. 


Maybe I’m a grinch but, unlike Lainey, who was impressed, I wasn’t super charmed by the Peleton/ Maximum Exposure ad because, to me, it feels predictable and contrived and I don’t think with all of the moving parts (like getting lawyers involved) it happened as quickly as they say it did. It’s fine, it worked, yes I’m a little tired of Ryan Reynolds (I know I’m in the minority, almost blasphemous in Canada!). Rachel Handler interviewed a cardiologist for Vulture and this is the only follow up to that storyline I needed. 


Another pink look for the holidays. A fuzzy winter pastel dress, I’m into it. 

The darkest place on the Internet is Instagram Reels. When I accidentally click on one, it’s an assault on my senses. The accounts that are only Reels? Dark-sided. 


One thing I love about the way people like Riley Keough and Kristen Stewart wear Chanel is that they take the primness right out of it. Not many people could make this pink shiny suit look cool. 

Via Page Six, this is interesting. As World War Brange continues not just over custody but over Chateau Miraval, Brad Pitt is moving forward with refurbishing the recording studio on the property. He’s continuing his investment in a place that was once tied up to their family life and his marriage. It’s been a costly venture. 


Three things I’d like to know: where is Dead to Me, where is Russian Doll, where is The Flight Attendant? 

Arian Moayed answered this question about the Jeremy Strong profile so smoothly, without defensiveness or pretentiousness. This is how you handle it.