How does Beyoncé go to a party and avoid being filmed when she doesn’t want to be filmed? We still don’t know what her costume was at her own Halloween party, even though everyone else posted on social from the event. It’s not a simple answer, requiring participation from several parties. Including, evidently, Jay-Z. The force with which he snatches that phone! And, what’s worse, the look of impatience and disappointment on his face! It’s like letting down your boss, dad, professor, and priest all at the same time.-Lainey 


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In early November, I wrote about how much Mariah loves Billy on the Street, but I wondered about the logistics of doing a guest spot because Billy likes to run and celebrities have to keep up with him. Mimi doesn’t run, but she was willing to make a sacrifice – for us. It’s a Mimi season miracle!

There are a few things I noticed on my first viewing: Billy and Mariah spend a lot more time with strangers they accost, probably to minimize the running. Second, every single person they stop recognizes her – that doesn’t always happen, even with the biggest names. Third, the lighting looks extra bright and the wind blows her hair just so. 


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(Also, did you see what happened after Mimi’s Christmas concert in the subway station? THAT is the power of that Christmas song – it’s why Mimi will live forever!-Lainey)

Taylor’s 30th birthday party had the expected names (Gigi Hadid, Blake and Ryan, Cazzie David, Antoni, Halsey, Camila Cabello) but some notable exclusions, mainly Karlie Kloss. How does the Kaylor fandom reckon with this? Some are accepting a breakup based on this theory while I guess, for others, it’s all part of the ruse.

Taking it at face value, this is a pretty clear indication that one of Taylor’s most high profile relationship from her 20s (they covered Vogue together in 2015) is not continuing in her thirties. 


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Henry Cavill isn’t a super famous face, but he’s technically a movie star, I guess? But he loves taking photos with fans, even if they are waiting for Shawn Mendes. The Superman enthusiasm was delivered at CCXP – that crowd looks loud. 


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Miranda July’s Instagram performance art continues with the Hazion circle.


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