Have you seen the wrapping paper hack making the rounds on social media? It involves angling the present. I don’t know if that is a hack or an act of desperation: I suck at wrapping presents, even though I want them to look like they are in the window of a department store. There’s a reality TV show about this called Wrap Battle. I haven’t been able to find it in Canada but Candy Spelling is a guest judge because, as many of us know, she had a room dedicated to wrapping presents at The Manor. Show me your ways, Candy!



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Dua Lipa has had a huge year but I feel like she’s not a part of the pop culture conversation, even though she’s dating Anwar Hadid. She’s international. Stylish. Why are we sleeping on Dua Lipa? 


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There is someone in my life who is deeply invested in Mark Ronson and always complains I don’t post about him enough.

I like Mark Ronson – a lot! – and it’s probably a good thing that he’s so low key that I don’t write about him a lot. Here he is pulling off a turtleneck (not a mock neck) with ease.


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Back in the early spring, I wrote about Tony Robbins gaining popularity with a certain crowd in LA (like the Foster sisters, Wendi Deng, and Jen Meyer). Then there was the BuzzFeed expose in May and those posts stopped. But that doesn’t mean he’s stopped working, or that he has less of a following. In a way, those who buy into his method are probably even more invested in him. 


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Why do celebrities post low-quality photos on social media – is it because they don’t want to buy it from the photo agency? “Congratulations to these people you can’t see because the photo is super blurry.”

Alert: Hot Priest and Phoebe Waller-Bridge sighting!


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Not only is Romeo taller, but his dad’s eyes are closed in the photo. Do you think the older Beckham kids “OK boomer” him? 


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