So this is interesting… MSN posted a story about the Currys being in an “open marriage” and by the time the link came up on Twitter, the story was gone but the tweet is still up!

MSN story about the Currys being in an “open marriage”
MSN story about the Currys being in an “open marriage”

I have so many questions (not about their marriage): who wrote the story? Was it vetted by a legal team? And will the Currys respond? If you say no we aren’t in an open marriage, then you open yourself up to cheating rumours. If you say yes we have a marriage on our own terms, then you open yourself up to endless scrutiny (see: Will and Jada).  


This is my Brange: Chrishell Stause (who I’ve covered more times than I’d like to admit!) and Jason Oppenheimer have broken up: she wants kids, he does not. They have been dating for about 6-8 months and decided to part ways over it. This seems like a healthy decision. She knows what she wants and he knows what he wants and neither of them are right or wrong, it’s just the way it is. And now we will have a season of Selling Sunset that is just hours of them staring longingly at each other in the office while soulless music pumps in the background.  


Search Party is weird and wild and for the last season, they are really going for it. Do I buy Dory as a cult leader? F-ck yes.  


I was perusing Deux Moi and saw a dumb tip about ARod and Lindsay Shookus dating. I scoffed. But then, because I’m nosy, I took to Instagram where I saw that the two DO regularly interact. I had to follow them both to track this (please applaud my commitment this). Anyway, I still don’t think it’s true but can you imagine the sheer desperation happening if it was? Hilarious.  


Mimi is the undisputed Queen of Christmas but let me tell you, Michael Bublé is also hustling his holiday ass off.  

Courtney Love posting a Happy Birthday tribute to Taylor Swift nine days late is very on brand and I love everything about it. Excellent photo choice!