I’m still immersed in the curious case of Hilaria Baldwin and one thing that went up right after I filed my story is this photo by Amy Schumer. Obviously she is taking the piss as she and Hilaria have been involved in a good-natured teasing of each other since Amy reposted a photo of Hilaria in her underwear holding a baby and Hilaria claimed she didn’t get the joke and felt body shamed. It spun out from there, none of it very funny. But this photo with this caption? It has some bite! So why did Amy delete did it? Did she get a voicemail from Alec? (Click here if tweet embed does not show up)


This video is a month old but I’m posting it anyway because what is time? I’m a huge Lisa Kudrow fan because of The Comeback and I think she’s highly underrated. Here she is at a tribute for Diane Keaton doing a very bold bit. During the setup of it, the audience kind of nervously chuckles at her jokes, not really getting it, but when she gets to the question/answer part – such a hard format to pull off - the audience is roaring with laughter. Look how tickled Martin Short is. 


Amateur singing is a pet peeve of mine (second only to children singing) so I understand why Jamie Dornan’s kids are telling him to STFU. 

I’m deep into The Boys and am particularly enjoying the vapid man-child character The Deep, a washed-up superhero whose domain is the water. Chace Crawford is so good at playing a sex-pest pretty boy and really stands out in the ensemble, which is interesting because I barely remember him on Gossip Girl


Busy Philipps’s daughter Birdie made a birthday cake for Timmy Chalamet’s birthday, which is the cutest thing ever. Busy and her family are in New York now, where he lives. Do you think Birdie puts on a cute outfit whenever they leave they house, just in case they run into him? It could happen. 

Finished The Flight Attendant this weekend and it was the perfect length, you know? Any more and it would have dragged. They hit the symbolism quite hard at times but two things I’m looking forward to in season two (it’s been renewed): more Rosie Perez and more coats.


A lot of people on this here Internet are thirsting over Pedro Pascal. That’s appropriate. I noticed he’s often referred to as a DILF but I don’t think he has kids? It’s not super clear. The “personal life” section on his Wiki is one sentence long: “He moved to New York City in 1993 and has lived there for over 20 years.” Concise but vague. It’s not like he’s doing pap walks at The Grove, so he might have 10 children and we wouldn’t know. There’s a boy featured on his Instagram, but comments suggest it is his nephew. So he’s a hot uncle. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Attached: Amy Schumer with family in St. Barts.