Did you open Twitter today to see that Prince William is trending? There are actually two hashtags that are trending. But let’s start with some clarification – it’s not a new story, and there are no updates to it, just a mess on Twitter. From what I can see, it started around the time of this gross tweet:  


Obviously this is a f-cked up suggestion. And he was dragged for it. Also he writes for the Daily Mail and, well, the Mail is probably salty right now because they got their asses beat by Meghan in court – twice. Someone then pointed it out in the comments, that the Mail and its associates are just sore right now and why don’t they give the same energy to Prince William and those rumours of an affair. And then Twitter just ran away with it and started the hashtag #PrinceWilliamAffair.

Again, there is nothing new here, these rumours started a few years ago, the British tabloids largely ignored them – which, ahem, is so unlike them – and because of that there’s been no follow-up which is the point that so many have made: the Mail and the Sun put so much energy into tearing down Meghan for nothingburgers but selectively decide to play the integrity and respect card with other members of the royal family.  


Interestingly enough, some are saying that even Twitter is joining the game. Because for whatever reason, the #PrinceWilliamAffair hashtag is no longer showing up on trending lists, even though it’s generating enough trending traffic, and instead it’s been replaced on the trending list by the much simpler hashtag #PrinceWilliam. And now you’re all caught up in case you were wondering what this was all about.  

So what we’ve learned is that when it comes to practising COVID safety, Oprah Winfrey does not issue exceptions or exemptions. Not even for Gayle King, the GRANDMOTHER of the child who Oprah was throwing a party for. Respect!  

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan turned 20 years old yesterday – Merry Maitreymas! – and it looks like she went to Disneyland. I love this birthday outfit so much. Maitreyi has been in LA since at least November, working on season three of Never Have I Ever, which I was just saying to Kathleen, I’m so looking forward to it. But then Kathleen was like, have you started Sex Lives of College Girls yet because it’s way hornier. And, well, I’ll get right on that. Thanks, Mindy Kaling.  

Kate Beckinsale’s cat sums up how I’ve been feeling the last few days and will continue to feel as the weekend approaches and our holidays come to an end.  


Hwang Dong Kyuk, the creator of Squid Game, said in an interview this week that he’s in talks with Netflix about the second season…and potentially a third. Netflix has confirmed that they’re in conversation but that it’s too early to say what, exactly, will happen. They’re for sure extending it beyond what happened at the end of season one though. Gi Hun did not get on the plane, and Hwang Dong Kyuk says that the backstory of the organisation behind the game will be further explored. What we do know for sure, though, is that Jung Ho-yeon will not be back. I would like to know how she gets this perfect wave and volume in her hair.  

As I said yesterday, I’m taking over Celebrity Social Media for Maria while she’s on holiday which means I’m serving up as much BTS content as I can. Yesterday it was the BTS and Squid Game collaboration. Today is BTS and another Netflix show, Emily in Paris. Ashley Park sings BTS’s “Dynamite” in episode 2 of the new season:  

And her performance was acknowledged by V:  

Obviously, she’s ARMY so she’s freaking out:  


Speaking of V, it is now December 30 in Korea, which means it’s his birthday. Birthdays are big for BTS and their ARMY so if you’re seeing extra BTS activity on Twitter, this is the reason. His bandmates are having some fun with this.  

V set several records recently on Instagram after all seven members of BTS started their own individual accounts. He was the fastest to a million followers in just 43 minutes and the fastest to 10 million after four hours and 53 minutes. In celebration of V’s birthday, here’s a shot of V from the Grammys in 2020 because Bandana V is my favourite V.  

V of BTS attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California
V of BTS attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California