David Beckham is a spokesperson for the Haig Club and hosted a party this week. Victoria’s sister attended, as did Brooklyn with his date. Socialite Mary Charteris, someone who The Sun once implied was a problem for the Beckhams, was there, as well as David Gardner (who is with Liv Tyler – I didn’t find any photos of her at the party). Should Victoria be the one worried in this situation? Also, The Sun took this opportunity to announce David’s “new thicker hairdo” which cracks me up to no end. They just won’t let it go


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Vogue is not the only magazine to launch its first digital cover - Harper’s BAZAAR did as well, with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Jada’s mother, Adrienne. The styling is incredible, from the head pieces to Willow’s white mini dress with combat boots. 


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Jeremy Renner fans are called Rennerinos and they are a small but extremely passionate group. Every time I mention them I get some nonsensical emails – they are always mad about something, but I never understand exactly what it is that’s getting them so upset. 


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Does anyone watch SMILF? It’s a complicated show that deals with class, poverty, motherhood and trauma, all without varnish. It’s not cute, the characters don’t have cathartic story arcs, and the show’s realism makes the episodes, which all take place in the same neighborhood, blend into one another (kind of like life). I’m very curious to see how Kerry Washington takes on this material.


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I have to admit that I don’t really “get” wax museums. But this Jason Momoa figure is pretty realistic, I guess? I think the hair helps – it covers up a good portion of his face.


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Leonardo DiCaprio is in Paris with his girlfriend, Camila Morrone. A good place to get engaged? I don’t know – I don’t really see it. Leo’s girlfriends work on a cycle: first they meet at a club/party, then they get to go on a bike ride in New York, then a vacation on a boat, then lunch with his mom in LA, then he might take them to a public sporting event (like a Lakers game), then a visit to their hometown (which is as far as both Bar Refaeli and Kelly Rohrbach got), and finally a red carpet (only Gisele has made it to this stage). If he and Gisele had been a thing during the time of social media, they definitely would have been Instagram official. 


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