Hamilton has premiered in London – how many celeb posts will I get out of this? So far, two. 


Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair has never looked better than when he cropped it for The Departed, don’t @ me.


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The Olsens have showed up for Bob Saget many times over the years, but the fact that Ashley chose to do the red carpet? That’s a major show of support from her. I think the last time we saw her walk a red carpet was the MET Gala. 


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I feel like Art Basel is less of a focus on social media this year. Is Leo even there? Of course he is. He reportedly bid $850,000 for a piece of art.  


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Beyonce makes a cameo in the first 7 seconds of this Tina Knowles Insta video (but your volume needs to be way up).


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OK guys this is very important – I’ve been waiting forever (7 days) for Boyd Holbrook to post a new photo so I could talk about him. And he posted a door. Whatever, that’s not the point. I saw him at the airport last week and holy Jesus. Hot. He is insanely good looking – perfect bone structure, tall, nice jeans, great walk, gravelly voice. Did I mention hot? Very very hot. Like a mix of Armie Hammer and Charlie Hunnam. Pictures do not do him justice. 

FKA twigs looks like she stepped out of Baroque painting. It’s a very dramatic Versace dress, but it doesn’t overpower her.


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Everybody loves Chris (except his ex-wife).


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